There is no such thing as an ordinary face - and if you think there is, you aren't looking close enough.

About Kim

I'm a photographer based in Castle Douglas, SW Scotland, and I love faces.

I love the way people inhabit their faces.

I love the landscape of faces and how they grow, develop and change over time.

I love the fact so many different moods and emotions can be expressed in a space little larger than the size of a hand; more than an entire room of props and costumes.

Some say a good portrait captures the essence of a person, as though that person only has one side to them.

But a photograph is a single instant in a continual movement through time. Our faces rarely stay still for more than a few moments, so no one position can accurately embody all the others.

It would be rather like hitting a single note and somehow thinking it represented an entire opera.

There is a widespread and powerful myth that “the camera never lies,” and yet photography is based entirely on manipulation and interpretation – from how the shot is framed, the lighting conditions and the timing of the capture, right through to the editing of the image after the event.

My photography is about using the tools of camera, light and time to create stories and, most importantly, to evoke emotional responses in the viewer after the event.

And good portrait photography is not just about the photographer – it is a collaboration with the sitter; a true interaction of ideas and expression, creating more than either could achieve alone.

Whether it is for a private commission for personal use, or an installation event for public interaction and viewing, it is this relationship between photographer and subject, capture and creation, appearance of truth and outright fiction, which I am passionate about.

And it is here that we can create the most wonderful narratives.

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