There is no such thing as an ordinary face - and if you think there is, you aren't looking close enough.

I need your face

If you are in Wigtown during the 2011 Book Festival (Sept 23rd to Oct 2nd),  you are invited to become part of an artwork to be created by photographer and Artist in Residence, Kim Ayres

Kim is looking for faces – old, young, round, square,smooth, characterful, positioned somewhere above the neck and below theforehead – to be photographed,staring down the lens of his camera.

The photos will then be printed out and pinned to the walls of “The Hut” – Venue 7, just behind ReadingLasses café and bookshop.

The aim is to fill the space with as many different faces of authors, residents and visitors as possible, across the 10 days of the Book Festival.

“The Hut” will be open most days 10.30am to 12.30pm, plus random hours throughout the week (just check the board outside to see if he’s in).

Call in to see how the project is developing, ask questions, and get your photo taken.

Alternatively, stop him in the street, in a bookshop or a café and let him take your photo. He’s very approachable and has a warm smile.

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