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Friday, 23 September 2011

About to begin

In a few hours I'm heading over to Wigtown in time for the start of the Book Festival.

I had a "reality attack" this morning where it walloped me with a sense of what I've set myself up for. This is a major opportunity to screw up and make a fool of myself in front of a lot of people. What if no one wants their photo taken? What if everyone is hostile? What if I forget how to hold the camera? What if I’m up on stage in front of all the dignitaries and important people and I discover I haven’t got any trousers on?

Ok, the last one is less likely. Cold wind around my legs is likely to alert me to any such forgetfulness the moment I step out the door. However, it does show how the mind loves to get carried away in fear.

In actual reality, most things are reasonably under control. Even the leaflets I was fretting about in the last post arrived in plenty of time, and they look quite good.

It seems “The Hut” doesn’t have Wi-Fi access, so uploading images to Facebook, Flickr or this blog will have to be done at other times of the day – quite possibly late in the evening.

The next 2 or 3 days are going to involve a sharp learning curve. I’ll probably be more in my stride by Tuesday.

Meanwhile, now this blog is officially up and running, please feel free to leave comments, ask questions, “Follow”, “Share” and offer words of encouragement.

And if you are in or around Wigtown over the next 10 days, then do seek me out and get your photo taken to be added to the wall.


  1. All the very best, Kim.

    You'll knock 'em dead!

  2. Just a case of nerves, Kim. You had the same fears at that festival with all the tattoed people and they turned out just fine!

    All the best! Can't wait to see the images you capture. I love your photographs and if I was over that way, I would definitely let you get me in front of the camera. :-)

  3. Congratulations! How's the room look now?

  4. Your open studio worked so well so I think this will be a huge success too.
    You, Titus and Eryl seem to always be zooming around with photography, reading, poetry and all sorts of festivals, way to much fun and excitement in Scotland !

    Wish I could be there !

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Good Luck.
    Titus will indeed be there to have her photograph taken. If it's a good hair day.

  6. Then Titus can give a hug to Mr. Photography for bolster his courage.

    We keep telling him he'll be fine but I think he doubts us. ;)

  7. You must be there now, and everything going swimmingly, with your trousers on and firmly belted. Good luck with it.

    S and me were hoping to come over this weekend but our car had to be abandoned in the coop car park this evening because it refused to start. If we can get it sorted tomorrow we'll come on Sunday. Otherwise it will be the following weekend. Whichever it is we'll definitely have our photos taken.

  8. But did you remember to do up your fly/flies?

    Deep breath - big smile and off you go!

  9. I wish Wigtown weren't so far away, and that I didn't have fifteen &?!^*£ student essays to mark.

    I'll bet you knocked 'em dead though, right? Thank God for our chill Scottish weather that lets you know when you've forgotten to put on your trousers!

  10. Gillian - thank you :)

    Ponita - check the side bar - I now have links to the Facebook and Flickr pages which I'll be regularly updating :)

    Allen - there are boards up on the walls, but not so many photos yet

    Parsnip - we wish you could be here too :)

    Titus - do take the time to introduce yourself :)

    Hope - I wouldn't be human if I didn't doubt...

    Eryl - it was wonderful to see you - thank you so much for coming along and giving your support - greatly appreciated :)

    Pat - I didn't do any elephant impressions...

    Mary - confusingly, the weather has been quite mild these last few days... :)


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