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Monday, 26 September 2011

A day in the studio

In contrast to Saturday, every photo I took of faces on Sunday was done in the studio. I had 10 people through during my open hours in the morning, but after lunch and an author’s talk, I returned to the studio specifically to photograph Leah Black, the new Spring Fling manager.

However, across the rest of the afternoon, a steady stream of people came wandering down to The Hut. Before one person had left, another would arrive. A few friends, a few other Spring Fling connections, and a few random visitors meant the afternoon seemed to disappear.

One way or another I’m going to have to find a way of managing my time better. So far I’m well behind on getting the photos I have already taken printed up and put on the walls; I missed several author’s talks I really wanted to see; and I was up until 2am on Sunday night editing Saturday’s images to go into the blog and up on Facebook and Flickr.

And I’m missing Maggie and the kids.

I found myself, this morning (Monday), feeling a little overwhelmed with it all.

Photograph of the day on Sunday, for me, had to be Eva – a young woman with a tattoo creeping over here shoulder up from under her shirt.

I’m doing my best to try and convince people not to smile, but look intensely down the lens. This will hopefully increase the impact of the experience for visitors looking at the accumulated photos on the wall. It’s also a way of trying to get past the “smile” everyone has for the camera, which is usually a cross between a grimace and fixed grin with fear in the eyes.

Some people are managing it quite well, while others have to take time to compose themselves, and one or 2 just can’t keep a straight face. But Eva was a natural. I would hate to be on the receiving end if I’d done something wrong, but for the kind of photography I love to do, it was wonderful.

To see the full set of the photos taken so far, please visit the Facebook or Flickr photo collection.


  1. Not only have you captured the "interesting" essence of these people, I'm amazed at such a variety of names...each seeming to fit just that face. :)

    You've done such a good job I find myself trying to make up a story to go with each face.

    First day favorite went to "Matt", with the interesting eyes. Today's Fav Shot is "Eryl".

    And for the record, those "favs" took NUMEROUS trips through photos just to enjoy each. Well done!

  2. Hope - it is one of the things that is irresistable about portraits - you can't help but make up stories about the people :)


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