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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A Quieter Day

The mania of the weekend seemed to have calmed down somewhat in Wigtown on Monday. Although there are still plenty of events during the week, the weekends either side are filled with far more, and tend to contain the biggest names.

I’ve tried to use the day to catch up on editing and printing, but of course there were more people photographed, so I’m still nearly as far behind – striding briskly, yet not seeming to get any further forward.

Highlight of the day was a talk by Hope London, an American artist now based in Scotland, who also has a background in copyright law. As well as being very intelligent and creative, she has a tremendous energy to her.

Turns out she also plays the fiddle. When I told her I had my bouzouki with me, she said she’d look into trying to find a music session this Friday.

My favourite photo of Monday was actually the very first one I took. She was enjoying a courgette and chocolate cake from ReadingLasses café and was quite happy to incorporate it into the image.

As before, if you would like to see the full set of the photos taken so far, please visit the Facebook or Flickr photo collection.


  1. Chocolate and courgette cake? Cripes!
    Lovely Margaret Rutherford stare.

  2. I'm so enjoying these! Fabulous one of Eryl, didn't find Carolyn so I'm going back for another look.

  3. It's amazing how much a face says when the lips aren't moving! :)

    I'm really enjoying this..hope you are too, amid all the work.

  4. Pat - Maggie says courgette is a great way to keep cakes moist. Not being a very good cook myself, I defer to her in all things baking.

    Titus - I'm usually at least a day or 2 behind on the blog from the actual photos taken. Once I've finished replying to posts, I'll be uploading Tuesday's photos.

    Hope - For all the exhaustion, there is part of me loving it :)


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