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Monday, 19 September 2011


This project is going to look pretty poor if I only manage to get a few photographs on the wall over the 10 days of the Wigtown Book Festival, so encouraging people to get involved and let me take their photo is vital.

To this end, I've created an A6 sized flyer to leave in as many places around Wigtown as I can, and am getting a couple of thousand printed...

(Click on the images for larger versions)

I was told by the printer today that they will arrive this Friday by post, anytime up to 5.30pm.

Which is cutting it awfully fine, as the Festival begins at 6pm on Friday.

If there are any delays, I might not get them until after the first weekend, which would be a real blow.

So if anyone has any close ties with the gods of printing and postage, then please put in a good word for me...


  1. Nice flyer Kim! (oh and yes i know a quick printer but you no longer need them and oh they're in Australian anyway.;)

  2. I can't imagine they would get here any quicker coming from Australia :)

    In the end they arrived a couple of days in advance, so I was able to heave a hige sigh of relief :)


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